Number 2 home heating oil

As a family owned and operated business we know how important quality service and fair prices are. At DJ Oil we will always give you the best price possible. Don’t let big, overpriced companies fool you, we all get our oil from the same places. It is the same product. The ONLY difference you get from DJ Oil is the price is always low!

Same Day Service

Call before 11AM and you will receive same day service at no extra charge, Guaranteed!
In case of emergencies we are always available 24/7. If you run out call and we will deliver.

COD Delivery

Call for the lowest prices around. We are committed to giving you the best deal every day.

Automatic Delivery

We can keep you topped off with regular scheduled deliveries so you will never have to worry about running out of oil. We will never leave you in the cold!

Budget Planning, available with automatic delivery only

We all know how expensive it is to heat our homes. Each July we adjust your account so you will pay a set amount spread out over 10 months. This amount is determined by your last year’s usage and the projected oil prices. At the end of May we calculate any difference between amounts paid and the actual usage and bill or refund your account accordingly.

Yearly Maintenance

To keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible it is very important to clean and tune up your boiler yearly. We work with a service company who is also committed as we are to keep you warm through out the entire heating season.

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